Oil and Gas

Providing round-the-clock operation with uninterrupted power, Capstone microturbines produce prime power and facility power for oil and gas applications, including central gathering facilities, LACT units, oil stabilization units, artificial lift, pumping skids and salt water disposal units.

Eagle Ford Shale Play

In remote Texas, energy is expensive and not easily accessible.  Reliable clean-and-green energy is a necessity. Installations with Capstone C1000 Power Packages ensure oil and gas producer Pioneer Natural Resources/EFS Midstream is ready for business whenever and wherever needed.

Pioneer Natural Resources, Eagle Ford Video

Eagle Ford Overview

Pioneer Natural Resources, EFS Midstream (Pawnee Field Office)

Three ultra-low emission Capstone C1000 Power Packages provide the reliability and flexibility for this stand-alone facility that services wells, plant sites, and the fleet for a number of sites in the company’s portfolio.

Pawnee Field Office Video

EFS Midstream Central Gathering Plant-52 (Pawnee, Texas)

A Capstone C1000 Power Package provides reliable power to generate all electricity needed to run this amine plant’s demanding load, which includes 10-14 pumps, 7-8 cooler fans, building cooling, and night lighting.

Central Gathering Plant Video

EFS Midstream Central Gathering Plant-31 (Three Rivers, Texas)

Three ultra-low emission Capstone C1000 Power Packages running in parallel allow the 600 GPM amine plant and condensate stabilizer to limit downtime and operate at better than 99% run time in this remote location.

99% Runtime at Power Collection Facility

A producer with a 150-unit Capstone fleet added six new units at a central gathering facility to run LACT units, tank heaters, oil and water transfer units, and more. Even with a utility line just 25 yards away, the producer chose microturbines.

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Redundancy Delivers Outage Free Maintenance

When scheduled maintenance is underway on one Capstone microturbine, the remaining three continue providing all power needed, eliminating maintenance shutdowns.

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Conditioned Natural Gas

Three C65 microturbines at a separation and processing facility produce 1.3 million kWh of electricity each year, which the producer feeds back to the utility to run the site at a neutral cost.

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Remote Power for Oilfield Water Processing

At this remote site far from utility power, four Capstone C65 microturbines power the equipment that injects the daily surplus of up to 294,000 gallons of produced water below ground.

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Oilfield Sour Flare Gas

One of Capstone’s longest running microturbines operates on 2.5 – 3% sour gas.  The only downtime has been for air filter cleanings/replacements, and minor fuel injector cleanings.

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Jonah Field, Wyoming

The remote Jonah Field wellsite uses a Capstone C30 microturbine to generate electricity that runs the site’s pumps.

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Pipeline Compressor & Pumping Stations

Eleven Capstone C65 natural gas microturbines power pipeline compressor and pumping stations in Bolivia.

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Offshore Platform

Two Capstone C30, class I, Division 2 microturbines power this offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

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