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2 Steps to Determine if Combined

Heat & Power (CHP) is Right for You

Companies across all industries are focused on two parallel mandates:

    • Lower CAPEX and OPEX costs
    • Significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Opportunities exist to present Senior Management an energy business plan that quantifies:

    • Superior return on investment
    • Long-term revenue growth
    • Greater energy efficiency
    • Lower greenhouse gas emissions

Use this simple tool to determine if a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) system is a fit for your facility.

A Short CHP Primer

Capstone Microturbines simultaneously generate electricity and heat. A CHP system captures the Microturbine’s waste heat that is then used to produce facility heating and cooling. Microturbine CHP can improve energy efficiency greater than 80%. ROI is maximized by lowering long-term energy costs and substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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