Cody Powell Joins Horizon Power as Corporate Account Manager in Utah and Arizona

Feb. 15, 2018 – Clean energy expert Cody Powell has joined Horizon Power Systems as Corporate Account Manager in Utah and Arizona.  Horizon Power, the largest distributor for Capstone Turbine Corp. in the Americas, sells and services ultra-low emission Capstone microturbines that are proven to reduce energy costs and average 99 percent power availability for companies.

Qualifying Utah and Arizona companies can receive a 10 percent federal tax credit for installing microturbines.

Powell will work with hospitals, universities, data centers and other organizations in Utah and Arizona to develop Capstone microturbine projects with energy efficiencies that can exceed 90 percent. Higher efficiency means lower energy costs. In comparison, when traditional utility power is combined with an onsite boiler, heater, or chiller, efficiencies average only 50 percent.

Before joining Horizon Power, Powell was owner of VITL in Provo, Utah, a solar-industry firm that quickly grew to gross an average of $5 million every six months. Prior to VITL, he served as Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Alliance Solar in California and Utah. He also has held sales positions in the real estate and medical industries, which are ideal markets for microturbines.

Award-Winning Utah Microturbines

In 2017, Horizon Power received an Energy Champion Award from the Utah chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers for Capstone microturbine projects at an international high-tech manufacturer and a multi-national non-profit.

Horizon expects the manufacturer’s project will pay for itself in 4.5 years; the non-profit’s in just 3.6 years.

In addition, the non-profit is reducing its ongoing energy costs through a combined heat and power system that simultaneously provides electricity for the building and thermal energy to produce hot water. Three C65 Capstone microturbines that each produces 65-kilowatts of power replaced two aging hot water boilers and eliminated the need for a diesel backup power generator.

Contact Powell at or 801-960-0914. Learn more about Horizon Power and Capstone microturbines at