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Capstone microturbines can cleanly and effectively run on methane gas from wastewater treatment plants, landfills,  food processing facilities, and agriculture waste (often referred to as “green waste”).

Rather than simply venting or flaring the methane gas into the atmosphere, Capstone microturbines convert this free fuel to clean and reliable electricity for use at the site or surrounding areas.


Wastewater Plants


Food Processing

Farm Digesters

Average 99% Power Availability
Low Emissions

No exhaust aftertreatment

Over 80% Efficiency

for CHP / CCHP

Minimal Maintenance

Only one moving part

Oil Free

Air bearing technology

Stand Alone or Grid Connect
Remote Monitoring 24/7
Compact Footprint
Factory Protection Plan
Map 2021 update without kansas
Capstone Dist

Your Power, Our Passion

U.S.: 1.855. CLN.POWR

Canada: 1.855.GRN.POWR

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