Order Brings Eagle Ford Microturbine Power to 59MW

July 2015 – Microturbine power in South Texas’ Eagle Ford Shale Play has reached 59 megawatts after a recent follow-on order with Horizon Power Systems for two Capstone C1000 MicroTurbines.

Averaging 99 percent availability, the two rugged and reliable C1000 microturbines will generate 2MW of prime power to compression stations using natural gas produced onsite.

“With this order, Horizon Power Systems has delivered 59MW of robust microturbine power to the Eagle Ford Shale Play,” said Sam Henry, President of Horizon Power Systems. “The consistent reliability and near non-stop runtime of the units at manned and unmanned sites, paired with our unparalleled customer service, has led to multiple follow-on orders from Eagle Ford producers.”

Capstone microturbines are extremely viable for remote oil and gas sites, even in the harshest conditions. They require significantly less scheduled maintenance than traditional power systems and can power production without access to the local utility grid. Additionally, the area’s producers and mid-stream operators find that the microturbines’ ultra-low emissions support their environmental initiatives.

“Eagle Ford is the largest oil and gas development in the world based on capital invested. I am pleased that Horizon and Capstone continue to significantly contribute to its development,” Henry added.

Horizon Power Systems is Capstone’s exclusive oil and gas distributor for the Eagle Ford, Permian, Barnett, Mancos, San Juan, and Wattenberg shale plays.

The project is expected to be commissioned in November 2015.

Capstone Turbine Corporation (www.capstoneturbine.com) (Nasdaq:CPST) is the world’s leading producer of low-emission microturbine systems. “Shale gas producers are focused on increasing efficiency and lowering operating costs in response to the drop in energy prices,” said Darren Jamison, President and Chief Executive Officer at Capstone Turbine. “Follow-on orders like this certainly indicate that major oil and gas producers are continuing to select Capstone’s efficient and low life cycle cost microturbines as their preferred option for their critical onsite power needs.”