Fortune 100 Manufacturer Can’t Pass Up 2nd Microturbine

MAY 15, 2018 – A Fortune 100 manufacturer of computer parts ordered yet another Capstone Microturbine to help provide low-cost power, heat, and air conditioning to a recent plant expansion.

The global company ordered a second Capstone microturbine after experiencing high energy efficiencies with the first that led to lower energy bills, limited maintenance since Capstone microturbines operate with just one moving part, extremely low emissions that meet federal standards, and high reliability that averages 99 percent runtime.

Horizon Power Systems, the Capstone distributor that sold both microturbines, will set up the latest system like the first in a combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP) application.  As the microturbine generates electricity, it also produces waste heat that is captured to heat building space. With the CCHP system, additional waste heat will be cooled by chillers and used for air conditioning.

By using the waste heat, energy efficiencies can exceed 90 percent. This makes microturbine CCHP systems more cost effective than utility power. In addition, clean-and-green Capstone microturbines are significantly more environmentally friendly than such onsite power systems as reciprocating engines emitting much less smog-forming nitrous oxides and other greenhouse gases.

“The manufacturer contacted us after the success of the first installation,” said Sam Henry, President of Horizon Power Systems. “Companies want to cut production costs while maintaining a quality product. Energy bills are among the highest business expense. Capstone microturbines can reduce those energy bills, especially in a combined cooling, heating, and power application like this.”

About Horizon Power Systems

As one of the premier distributors of Capstone Turbine microturbines, Horizon Power Systems sells and services the clean-and-green power systems for prime, backup, and combined heat and power (CHP) applications. The company specializes in the oil and gas industry along with commercial-focused sectors such as manufacturers, data centers, hotels, and universities, among others.

Specializing in a fully integrated service approach, the company’s 17 years of expertise ensures support of all power project needs, including application, design, fabrication, and lifetime service. Horizon is the exclusive Capstone Turbine distributor for:

United States:  Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming

Canada:  Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, the Yukon, and Northwest Territories

Horizon Power has regional offices in Farmington, NM; Denver; Houston; Salt Lake City; and Calgary, Alberta, Canada., 855-256-7697 (US) or 855-476-7697 (Canada).