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These self-contained “mini power plants” connect onsite power sources such as microturbines, solar PV, wind turbines, fuel cells, reciprocating engines, and battery storage to produce reliable and less-polluting power for nearby buildings.

Microgrids can be connected to larger electricity grids, and in the event of a widespread outage, can disconnect from the main grid to operate independently and supply electricity to homes and businesses connected to the microgrid’s electricity network.

Microgrid Diagram-min Compressed



Health Care

Office Buildings


Avgerage 99% Power Availability
Low Emissions

No exhaust aftertreatment

Over 80% Efficiency

for CHP / CCHP

Minimal Maintenance

Only one moving part

Oil Free

Air bearing technology

Stand Alone or Grid Connect
Remote Monitoring 24/7
Compact Footprint
Factory Protection Plan
Map 2021 update without kansas
Capstone Dist

Your Power, Our Passion

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