Every hour of downtime at oil and gas sites can mean thousands of dollars in lost production. Highly reliable and rugged Capstone microturbines:

  • average 99% availability
  • ideal for wellhead sites, offshore platforms and compressor stations (all either manned or unmanned)
  • operate on pipeline or unprocessed wellhead gas
  • require little maintenance — have only one moving part and no oil or coolants
  • withstand harsh environments
  • low emissions meet tough air quality and emission regulations without after-market controls

Scalable from 30kW to 5MW
Using jet-engine technology, Capstone’s robust power systems are scalable from 30kW to 5MW. They’ve logged millions of documented runtime hours worldwide. Distributed power generation applications include:

  • onsite power for oil and gas sites
  • cogeneration (CHP)
  • trigeneration (CCHP)

High reliability – 99% availability
Capstone microturbines are extremely reliable. They require less maintenance and have fewer maintenance intervals than traditional reciprocating engines. On average:

  • microturbines operate at 99% availability
  • provide 25 more operating days a year than reciprocating engines, which average 92% availability

One moving part
Capstone microturbines feature only one moving part and patented air bearings that don’t require oil or coolants.

Low emissions
Ultra-low emission microturbines meet stringent air quality and emission guidelines in the oil and gas industry.

• Pipeline quality gas directly from the line
• Low or high pressure natural gas
• Flare gas
• Diesel
• Propane
• Kerosene

All Capstone microturbines operate:
• Continuously or on demand
• Stand alone or grid connected
• Individually or Multi Packed
• On a variety of fuels