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Oil and Gas

Clean-and-green microturbine power systems for oil and gas sites produce 30kW–5MW of reliable power at 99% availability. The low maintenance and compact Capstone microturbines enable continuous onshore and offshore operations using wellhead gas (economic or flare, sweet or up to 7% sour wellhead gas).

Capstone’s offshore C30 and C65 models are UL Certified to meet Class 1, Division 2 NFPA 496. A stainless steel package is available for non-hazardous-area placement. Non-hazardous units are UL-certified to meet the new UL220 and UL1741 category for engine generators fueled with raw natural gas.

Referred to as “dry systems”, Capstone microturbines have one moving part that doesn’t require lubricants or coolants. No liquids and minimal maintenance means more operating hours and more production for producers.

For more information, download the Product Catalog (PDF).

C30 MicroTurbine

C65 MicroTurbine 

C200 MicroTurbine

C600S 3-Bay Power Package

C600S High Pressure Natural Gas

C800S MicroTurbine

C1000S High Pressure Natural Gas

Advanced Power Server

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