Distributed Energy Magazine: “Great Things Come in Small Packages”

SEPT/OCT 2017 — “The famous saying ‘smaller is better’ is not necessarily true. A more accurate statement would be that “appropriate scale is better.” This brings us to the use of microturbines and their appropriate applications.”

Read this fascinating article about microturbines, a technical explanation of how they work, and their integration into microgrids.   Microturbines-Distributed Energy Mag-Sept-Oct 2017

Superstorm Sandy couldn’t stop microturbine CHP power

Superstorm Sandy 2012

December 2016 – Superstorm Sandy, the costliest hurricane in U.S. history, caused an estimated $20 billion in business losses. After the storm, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) contacted 24 sites with combined heat and power CHP systems, including several with Capstone microturbines. All 24 sites operated continuously during the grid outage. Read why… SUPERSTORM SANDY CAN’T STOP COMBINED HEAT & POWER