Microturbine Powers 3rd Isolated Compressor Station

FEBRUARY 2019 – A large midstream and pipeline company ordered its third Capstone Microturbine for installation at a large unmanned compressor station in Wyoming ‒ a C800 Signature Series microturbine from Horizon Power Systems.

With Wyoming one of the top five states with natural-gas reserves, the company is increasing its presence as oil and gas producers rapidly expand their exploration efforts. A C1000S and C600S already are installed at two other remote sites. The 600-kilowatt C600S has run nonstop for more than a year. The 1-megawatt C1000S will begin operating in March.

With each compressor station located miles from a utility line, the power system must be reliable and low maintenance. The cost to dispatch a crew to fix a faulty power source at a secluded site, combined with lost production time, can be significant. The company chose Capstone microturbines for their low maintenance and ultra-low emissions that meet EPA requirements.

Like the other microturbines, the 800-kilowatt C800S will use fuel from the isolated station to continuously power such critical auxiliary equipment as air compressors, pumps and cathodic protection units. Horizon Power expects the C800S to be commissioned this summer.

Compressor stations play a critical part in the natural gas delivery process. As natural gas needs to get from the production well to the customer, the station compresses the gas to keep the supply moving against elements like distance, friction and elevation changes.